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The Crime Scene Services Unit is a component of patrol and investigative functions and is under the general supervision of the Detective Bureau Commander. The Northampton Police Department has designated Crime Scene Technicians (CST's) who have been trained and are proficient in forensic photography and fingerprinting. These CST's are responsible for processing crime scenes by taking all necessary photographs, gathering all available fingerprints, and assisting in the collection of other various types of evidence.

Cross Match Fingerprint ScannerIn March of 2007, the Northampton Police Department began utilizing the Cross Match ID 500 Live Scan System for the documentation of fingerprints. The ID 500 system allows us to electronically document fingerprint images and transmit them to the Massachusetts State ID Section and Federal Bureau of Investigation with the paperless submission of a fingerprint record. This allows for a quick response on a subject's criminal history based on fingerprint submissions while we still have the person in our custody. Previously, inked fingerprint submissions were submitted by mail and responses ranged from days to weeks in some cases. In the short time that we have had the ID 500 in operation, we have verified questionable identities and confirmed active arrest warrants for several individuals.

In 2011 the department acquired a new Crime Scene Services vehicle, a 2011 Dodge Sprinter. It contains all of the necessary tools used for crime scene response, crime scene management, crime scene documentation, evidence processing, and evidence collection.

                                                Crime Scene Technicians

Detective Lieutenant Alan Borowski

Officer Michael Allard

Officer David Netto

Officer Steven Digiammo

 Officer Andrew Kohl

Sgt. Brian Letzeisen

Sgt. Timothy Satkowski

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