DSC 0063
DSC 0017The majority of our personnel work as uniformed patrol officers. They are the most visible and recognizable members of our department. Officers work one of three shifts: 7AM-3PM, 3PM-11PM or 11PM-7AM. Officers patrol in cruisers, on foot, and on bicycles.Officers spend their shifts tending to the following duties, and many more:

1. Administrative Duties: Testifying in court, conducting and receiving training, attending in community meetings, transporting paperwork between offices, serving summonses, managing property and evidence, report writing, and transporting cruisers to the garage for service.

2. Responding to Calls For Service: Medical emergencies, domestic disturbances, fights in progress, stolen property, damaged/vandalized property, unattended deaths, sexual assaults, child/elder/disabled person abuse, noise complaints, robberies, breaking and enterings, medical emergencies, burglar alarms, parking complaints, animal complaints, intoxicated persons, drug use, DSC 0072traffic control, motor vehicle collisions, and any suspicious activities.

3. Self-initiated Activities: Motor vehicle stops, investigation of suspicious activity, locating wanted persons (warrants), park and walks, and conducting building and property checks.

4. Community Outreach Activities:  Attending community meetings, teaching classes and workshops, hosting ride-alongs, organizing and participating in Police Day, serving as a liaison to identified communities, and many other varied activities. All uniformed fficers are trained as first responders and are certified to use semi-automated defibrillators for assisting victims in cardiac arrest. Each on-duty cruiser is equipped with one of these lifesaving devices as well as other medical equipment.  Uniform patrol is a very diverse and challenging position that requires dedicated and resourceful men and women working together.


Patrol Division
7A.M. - 3 P.M.

Patrol Division
3 P.M. - 11 P.M.

Patrol Division
11 P.M. - 7 A.M.

Shift Commander Shift Commander Shift Commander
2015 Kirouac Lt.2 2015 Callahan Lt.2  Powers 2015

Lt. Craig Kirouac

Lt. David Callahan 

Lt. Robert Powers

Patrol Supervisors Patrol Supervisors Patrol Supervisors
2015 Moody Sgt.2 2015 Barszcz Sgt.2 2015 Korepta Sgt.2
Sgt. Timothy Satkowski Sgt. Josef Barszcz Sgt. Gregorz Korepta
2015 Satkowski Sgt.2 Letzeisen 2015 2015 Golec Sgt.2

Sgt. Patrick Moody

Sgt. Brian Letzeisen Sgt. Joseph Golec
Patrol Officers Patrol Officers Patrol Officers
Off. Donald Nichols Off. Carlos Lebron

Off. Christian Edler

Off. Michael Allard Off. Steven Digiammo Off. Robert Moriarty
Off. Gilberto Jimenez Off. Brent Dzialo Off. Michael McLaughlin
Off. John McCarthy Off. Andrew Kohl Off. Scott Gregory
Off. David Netto Off. Justin Hooten Off. Andrew Carney
Off. Peter Sharac Off. Kenneth Kirchner Off. John Perry
Off. Douglas Dobson Off. Joshua Wallace Off. Jeffrey Staples
Off. Dennis Liptak Off. Adam Van Buskirk Off. Matthew Montini
Off. Paul Marguet Off. Thomas Briotta Off. Benjamin Beaver
Off. Ryan Tellier Off. Jared LaValle Off. Paul Barry
Off. Brendan McKinney Off. Elijah Pack   Off. Clay Delano
Off.  Rebecca Mazuch  Off. Michael Szawlowski  Off. Timothy Zantrofski
Off. Monica Czerwinski  Off. Michael Cronin  Off. Nicholas Pickunka
IT Officer     
 Off. David Tripp    

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