TRIAD is the agreement of law enforcement agencies in a county sheriffs office, police department, etc. and older or retired persons in the community to work together.

TRIAD is the concept of cooperation between law enforcement and the senior services and seniors in the community to reduce the criminal victimization of the elderly.

TRIAD is a partnership to address crime issues that affect older citizens and methods that may expedite delivery of law enforcement services to these persons.

TRIAD is enhancing the lives of seniors by assisting them in defining and prioritizing their needs.

TRIAD is empowering seniors to find solutions to their needs through self-designed programs and activities, or by utilizing other resources such as community support, outside agencies, private businesses and independent organizations to achieve their goals.



TALK: Provide a forum for law enforcement and the community to talk with seniors about their concerns and methods that could help address solutions to those concerns.

RESPOND: Sponsor crime prevention, fraud awareness, victim/witness, reassurance and preparedness programs to equip older persons with the necessary knowledge to most effectively respond.

INVOLVE: Unite seniors, sheriffs, and local police to identify problem areas for seniors in the local community and to involve all outside resources to implement community-wide solutions.

ASSIST: Recruit and train senior volunteers to better understand the roles of the police and sheriff's departments so that they may assist them.

DETERRENT: Provide a forum for law enforcement to work together with seniors to heighten awareness, thus creating a deterrent.



TRIAD works through the efforts of its S.A.L.T. Council:


The S.A.L.T. Council is an appointed voting member board that usually consists of ten to twelve persons. It is the advisory group that carries out TRIAD activities. Members of SALT groups vary from community to community, but often include:

A designee of the Police Chief

A designee for the Sheriff

•Seniors or retired leaders

Council on Aging

•Elderly Service Organizations

Emergency or medical response

Home extension services

Other county law enforcement

Other agencies or individuals interested in the welfare of seniors

Most S.A.L.T. Councils hold a formal meeting on a monthly basis.  However, more frequent meetings are held with designated subcommittees who carry out most of the activities and programs.


Northwestern District Attorney's Office TRIAD Program

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