Archived News Releases

NORTHAMPTON, MASSACHUSETTS (February 15, 2017) During the next 30 days the Northampton Police Department in collaboration with the Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission (A.B.C.C.), the Northampton Prevention Coalition, and the Strategic Planning Initiative for Families and Youth (S.P.I.F.F.Y.), will be conducting Underage Alcohol Compliance Checks.

With these checks the Northampton Police will attempt to check each licensed establishment to make sure they are in compliance with rules, regulations and policies set forth by the Northampton License Commission as well as Massachusetts General Laws under MGL Chapter 138. These laws, rules, and regulations, can be found utilizing the following resources:
3. Northampton License Commission Rules and Regulations
4. License Commission Policies

The Compliance Checks are part of the City of Northampton’s continued efforts to prevent problems related to underage alcohol consumption.