Archived News Releases

NORTHAMPTON, Massachusetts (October 26,2017)- Over the past several weeks the Northampton Police Department conducted an investigation into a local spa, identified as the Asian Foot Spa, located at 41 Locust Street, Suite #201, in Northampton, Massachusetts. The investigation revealed that the spa was advertising on-line and servicing a large volume of male customers. Surveillance also determined that employees of the spa were living on the premises in a non-residential unit.

On Thursday, October 26, 2017, at approximately 12:00pm members of the Northampton Police Department, The Northwestern District Attorney’s Anti-Crime Task Force, Northampton Fire Rescue, Northampton Board of Health, and investigators from the Massachusetts Division of Professional Licensure, conducted an Administrative Inspection of the business. There was evidence of people living on site. As a result the business was condemned by the Northampton Board of Health. The business was issued a Stop Work Order by the Massachusetts Division of Professional Licensure and is facing fines in excess of $10,000 as a result of unlicensed employees and failing to have workers compensation insurance.

The building was condemned until further notice and the workers were aided in finding shelter by one of NPD’s Civilian Advocates from the Center for Women and Communities in Amherst.
The Northampton Police Department remains committed to identifying and preventing human trafficking in any form. We will continue our strategy of aggressively targeting these businesses, holding owners and customers accountable, and providing resources to women who are being trafficked.