Community Liaison Officers

Members of the Northampton Police Department recognize the importance of establishing direct and personal relationships with members of our community.  This is particularly true for members of groups who are sometimes the targets of harassment, discrimination, or hate crimes.  In an effort to improve communication and to ensure that there are individuals in place who can serve as liaisons to identified individuals or groups, NPD has staff members who are designated as liaisons.  These officers work to build relationships with citizens so that they can be of assistance whenever they are called upon.  In addition these officers attend specialized training that better prepares them to assist special groups within our community.  While these officers are designated liaisons, all members of NPD can be called at anytime to assist and to answer questions.

Officer Benjamin Beaver- GLBTQ Communities Liaison (

Lieutenant Craig Kirouac- Religious Communities Liaison (

Officer Jeffrey Staples - Senior Citizen Liaison (