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One of the most critical police functions is the investigation of criminal offenses. The objective of the police investigation is the successful identification, apprehension and prosecution of criminal offenders. The major purpose of the criminal investigation is to gather information. The ultimate success or failure of this police effort is closely related to the immediate response and the police action taken at the time the crime is first brought to their attention. A Detective is an officer assigned to further investigate and prosecute felonies and such misdemeanors as require extended investigations. The Northampton Police Department Detective Bureau is also responsible for a number of other police services.You may contact individual members of the Detective Bureau by phone or via email using the links below. The Detective Bureau is currently staffed with five Detectives, one Detective Sergeant and one Detective Lieutenant. 

Det. Lieutenant  Craig Kirouac (413) 587-1136

Det. SergeanCorey Robinson  (413) 587-1125

Det. Luann Caputo   (413) 587-1155

Det. Michael Briggs   (413) 587-1133

Det. Brendan McKinney   (413) 587-1120

Det. Adam VanBuskirk   (413) 587-1058

Det. Honora Sullivan-Chin (413) 587-1036

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