The Northampton Police Department Traffic Unit consists of one officer assigned as the Highway Safety Officer, one Sergeant and a Lieutenant who supervises and reviews all traffic enforcement activities and investigations. Northampton Department Traffic Officers provide a full range of traffic-related services. 

The primary duties of the Traffic Unit are:

  • Respond to and investigate motor vehicle collisions
  • Conduct detailed follow-up of motor vehicle collisions
  • Prepare accident diagrams and maps
  • Enforce motor vehicle laws

Although the department does have one officer who is assigned specifically to this position, all members of the department have training in motor vehicle law enforcement and basic accident investigation. The majority of marked cruisers are equipped with mounted radar units and basic accident investigation equipment.

All officers are trained in the use of radar and many officers are trained in the use of lidar to measure vehicle speed. The department also uses a speed measurement trailer that provides a large MPH display so that drivers can see their speed as they drive through specific areas. Speed monitoring with the radar trailer is offered at the request of citizens who report concerns about specific problem areas. This team effort provides safer roads and highways for Northampton residents and the thousands of commuters who drive through Northampton each day.

The Collision Analysis Response Squad investigates serious traffic collisions or other unusual traffic events. The unit is comprised of highly trained and experienced collision investigators who are on call 24-hours a day. The Northampton Police Traffic Division is also responsible for the safe and effective movement of dignitaries and other special events in the City. In this function they are often called upon to provide such protection and services within the City, as well as assisting other law enforcement agencies from around the area.

The Traffic Unit works closely with the City Traffic Engineering/Transportation office, the City GIS coordinator, and other city agencies. The Traffic Unit is responsible for the speed measurement device training of fellow officers. The Highway Safety Officer is responsible for the speed measurement device training of fellow officers, abandoned motor vehicles, and forensic mapping of collision and crime scenes.

Drug Recognition Experts

In addition to the traffic unit, we are proud to have on our staff two Drug Recognition Experts (DRE).  Off. Matt Montini and Off. Heather Longley are certified DRE's.  They've completed a rigorous two-week training, followed by four days of completing assessments on individuals who were under the influence of narcotics. This advanced training allows our department to better investigate and enforce laws related to operating under the influence of drugs.