Sex Offender Information

1.  How can I learn if there are any sex offenders living near me?

You may come to the police station with a picture ID and complete a specific form designed for this purpose. This form will be turned over to the Detective Sergeant who will gather the information. You will be contacted by phone that the information is ready for you. You will then be asked to return to the police station with a picture ID and the information will be turned over to you. You may request information for the entire City, for a specific person, for anyone who matches a certain physical description or for a specific street or area. You will only be notified of sex offenders who are classified as levels 2 or 3. There is no fee for this service and it is for residents only.

2.  How can I learn who all the level 3 sex offenders are living and working in the City of Northampton?

You can come to the police station and look at the binder that is kept in the lobby of the police station. The binder contains photos, names and residential and work addresses for all level three sex offenders. You can also go to the Massachusetts Sex Offender Registration Board's web site ( and obtain the same information.

3.  I am a sex offender who works in Northampton, but does not live in Northampton. Do I have to register?

Yes. Any sex offender who lives and/or works in Northampton must register with the police department.

4.  I need to register as a sex offender. What do I do?

Come to the police station with some form of identification, if you have one. An officer will meet with you and will go over the necessary forms, take your information, take your photograph and take your fingerprints.

5.  I am not sure if I have to register as a sex offender. What should I do?

Contact the Massachusetts Sex Offender Registry Board at (978)-740-6400 and ask them if you are supposed to register.

6.  How often do I have to reregister as a sex offender?

All sex offenders must reregister on a yearly basis. Those offenders who are homeless or who live in temporary housing, such as a homeless shelter, must reregister every 45 days. Any offender who changes residences or who obtains a new job must come in and notify the police department.